Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I place an order?

Orders can be placed before the third Saturday in November.  Orders placed after the cutoff will be applied to the following year’s wreath laying.

2. When are wreaths placed?

Wreaths are placed on the second Saturday in December and remain for approximately one month's time. Removal date is determined by the Western Reserve Cemetery.

3. Does every grave site receive a wreath?

Unfortunately, we do not receive an order for each gravesite, but the number of wreaths placed continues to grow each year. 

4. How are placements made?

Orders are received for placements at specific grave sites. Those wreaths are placed first. Any remaining are distributed throughout the cemetery at the discretion of Wreaths for Western Reserve.

5. Can I order more than one wreath?

Yes. Many families purchase one for their loved on and one for an unknown hero.

6. Can I volunteer to place wreaths?

Yes. We do not turn away volunteers and believe placing just one or two wreaths is a rewarding experience.